San Diego Frameless Shower
Window Installation

The hot item these days in the shower door business is the heavy glass frameless systems which employ 3/8″ or 1/2″ tempered glass and architecturally appealing hardware to match most fixtures and finishes. Glenview Glass & Screen Inc can help every step of the way from design to installation. We also furnish and install traditional framed or semi framed shower door and slider systems and steam shower enclosures.

Frameless shower enclosures are constructed without a traditional frame to hold the unit together. Instead, frameless shower enclosures are supported by their thicker glass walls and silicone compounds at the wall’s joints. While expensive, frameless showers are highly popular due to their seamless, sleek design. Frameless showers are easy to clean and their lack of a frame allows them to assume a larger and more open appearance.

Framed shower enclosures are the most common form of shower enclosure. Framed showers offer less aesthetic value than either Frameless or Semi-Frameless designs, but surpass both of these in economic pricing. Framed shower enclosures are the least expensive option of the three, and are thus ideally suited to smaller budgets and reducing costs within jobs requiring the installation of numerous shower enclosures.

Semi-Frameless shower enclosures feature a typical framing structure along the sides of the enclosure while leaving the top and bottom edges open and uncovered by the framework. These kinds of enclosures offer some of the aesthetic values associated with a frameless design while the framed siding provides stability at a smaller cost than that of a fully frameless shower enclosure. Semi-Frameless shower enclosures allow a good balance between visual appeal and cost reduction.


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