San Diego Retractable Screen Doors

Allows fresh air to enter while blocking unwanted insects. The ultimate solution for better Californian living.

Retractable Doors for Every Room and Living Space

Glenview Glass & Screen Inc. is pleased to offer Mirage & Phantom retractable screens to complement every door and garage in your home. Screens are designed with comfort and ease in mind. The deep handle is easy to grasp and the screens slide open smoothly and quietly. Enjoy fresh air and more light while blocking out insects and unwanted wildlife.

Benefits of Retractable Screen Doors


• Allows air and light to enter
• Prevents bugs from entering
• Screen slides out of sight when not in use - No more slamming screen doors

Easy to Use

• Easy grasp handle
• Smooth sliding mechanism
• Mesh decals to ensure screen visibility

Colors & Sizes

• Many colors and finishes to match your decor
• Available in large format for
garages and patios
• Custom sizes made to order

Professional Services

• Professional estimates
• Professional installation
• Limited lifetime warranty
The retractable systems are convenient, stylish, and built to last.

Colors & Sizes: The durable materials come in standard sizes and colors. In addition, we offer wood grain textures and designer colors. Screens door sizes can be customized based on your specific needs. Single doors can be up to 98″ high and 42″ wide. Double doors can be as high as 98″ and 84″ wide.

Mesh Colors & Openness: The mesh can be polyester or PVC coated fiberglass: both offer excellent protection against bugs and hot sun. Mesh can be gray or charcoal in color and you can choose the mesh openness to allow more or less air flow and sunshine.

Please contact Glenview Glass & Screen Inc for more information on San Diego retractable screen doors:  (619) 390-7433.

Retractable Screen Pricing

  • Single Screen DIY $496.00 + Tax
  • Single Screen Installed $800 + Tax
  • Double Screen Installed $1538 + Tax

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