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Janette L. Avatar
Janette L.
5 star rating
9/13/2021 – Yelp
I didn't choose Glenview, my property manager did. What a great company. I am so… read more
Marcus C. Avatar
Marcus C.
2/16/2018 – Google
Excellent work. Fast, professional, and efficient.
Matt B. Avatar
Matt B.
2/16/2017 – Google
Great guys. Fixed my broken screen door the same day I dropped it off. Convenient location.
Tammy A. Avatar
Tammy A.
5 star rating
6/25/2019 – Yelp
Today John and Dave serviced my busted Milgard window rollers, screen door, window screens and… read more
Michelle W. Avatar
Michelle W.
5 star rating
9/04/2019 – Yelp
Mike and Eric were a little late but they called to let me know, so… read more
Jennifer L. Avatar
Jennifer L.
5 star rating
3/05/2020 – Yelp
I recently had Glenview measure, order, and install new windows in my home. They showed… read more
Catherine H. Avatar
Catherine H.
5 star rating
4/19/2017 – Yelp
Glenview Glass & Screen did an amazing job making us new wood frame screens to… read more
Tony B. Avatar
Tony B.
5 star rating
8/01/2021 – Yelp
I was referred to Glenview Glass and Screen by MilGard Window to replace a the… read more
Carol S. Avatar
Carol S.
2/16/2020 – Google
I had three closets with double doors on them from the 50’s. They were… read more
Joey G. Avatar
Joey G.
5 star rating
7/14/2022 – Yelp
Wife and I recently purchased an older home with a lot of single pane windows…. read more
Loyd C. Avatar
Loyd C.
5 star rating
5/28/2020 – Yelp
Had Glenview installer Randy up yesterday to install new swinging screen door plus he checked… read more
Ligia C. Avatar
Ligia C.
5 star rating
11/08/2022 – Yelp
I had my patio door installed by Mike, Kevin & Eric last Friday. I can't… read more
Albert A. Avatar
Albert A.
5 star rating
12/02/2011 – Yelp
Very professional, great job at a good price. They were on time and kept a… read more
Jon R. Avatar
Jon R.
2/16/2018 – Google
TERRIFIC! Juan and Raul, did a great job installing a LaCantina window. Glenview was… read more
Anthony T. Avatar
Anthony T.
5 star rating
7/13/2018 – Yelp
My shower had been a nightmare .. my door exploded,5/17 another business backed out but… read more
Chet Y. Avatar
Chet Y.
5 star rating
4/22/2021 – Yelp
These guys really know how to impress. They show up in masks on time. They… read more
kim l. Avatar
kim l.
2/16/2021 – Google
Top notch quality and service. Great prices and fast turnaround.
shyla m. Avatar
shyla m.
2/16/2021 – Google
Great place and nice people working there.
Dan G. Avatar
Dan G.
5 star rating
1/19/2023 – Yelp
It's not easy finding someone to replace brand-name, dual-pane custom windows in San Diego. Fortunately… read more
Breean W. Avatar
Breean W.
5 star rating
7/17/2022 – Yelp
My husband and I decided to use Glenview to replace a few windows on our… read more
Trent S. Avatar
Trent S.
5 star rating
7/28/2017 – Yelp
I highly recommend this business if you are in need of a screen repair. … read more
Richard P. Avatar
Richard P.
8/25/2021 – Google
The installers were awesome! Juan and his co worker (forgot name) were friendly, on time,… read more
Jeff C. Avatar
Jeff C.
8/25/2021 – Google
Referred to Glenview Glass and Screen by Milgard windows. Have and older Simonton slider… read more
Serenity W. Avatar
Serenity W.
7/25/2022 – Google
Awesome to work with! My husband and I bought a home with more windows… read more
Leslie W. Avatar
Leslie W.
5 star rating
2/22/2018 – Yelp
I just wanted to give my highest recommendation to Glenview Glass and Screen and all… read more
Gretchen M. Avatar
Gretchen M.
5 star rating
4/11/2018 – Yelp
Excellent customer service and screen repair. After buying a house, I noticed one window screen… read more
frank d. Avatar
frank d.
2/16/2018 – Google
i am a Screen and door installer, Glenview Glass and screen has the best service… read more
Jesus M. Avatar
Jesus M.
10/25/2021 – Google
Always a pleasure to work with the Glenview team
Joe A. Avatar
Joe A.
5 star rating
1/04/2023 – Yelp
Our Sliding patio Door screen was brittle and tearing from 5 years of sun exposure,… read more
C &. Avatar
C &.
2/16/2020 – Google
Being the owner of the top Window Cleaning company in East County, I’ve had to… read more
Julie M. Avatar
Julie M.
5 star rating
4/20/2017 – Yelp
Great customer service and prompt with calling, showing up and providing a quote. Would… read more
Rainier T. Avatar
Rainier T.
5 star rating
2/14/2017 – Yelp
A friend asked me if I knew of a good company that installed windows, and… read more
Susan B. Avatar
Susan B.
5 star rating
5/24/2019 – Yelp
About 18 months ago, we hired Glenview Glass and Screen to install our windows, which… read more
Dan C. Avatar
Dan C.
5 star rating
7/28/2021 – Yelp
I've worked with this family business for many years and found their work to be… read more
Mike R. Avatar
Mike R.
5 star rating
8/14/2017 – Yelp
We recently purchased a replacement window for our home and Glenview Glass was recommended for… read more
Donna L. Avatar
Donna L.
5 star rating
7/19/2021 – Yelp
Working with Glenview was easy peasy and I'm so happy our local Dixieline recommended I… read more
crystal j. Avatar
crystal j.
5 star rating
10/25/2017 – Yelp
I didn't just want the original windows replaced on my 1940 home. I wanted… read more
Chase M. Avatar
Chase M.
8/25/2021 – Google
Awesome service! A great local business.
Joey G. Avatar
Joey G.
8/16/2022 – Google
My wife and I recently purchased an older home with a lot of single pane… read more
Dan T. Avatar
Dan T.
5 star rating
12/16/2014 – Yelp
I was very impressed with the services provided by Glenview Glass & Screen. An attempted… read more
Brain B. Avatar
Brain B.
5 star rating
8/27/2019 – Yelp
This place is amazing, they are very reasonably priced and fixed my window right away…. read more
D T. Avatar
D T.
5 star rating
2/19/2020 – Yelp
When my late father-in-law's Navy Memorial Shadow box came crashing to the ground, the… read more
Joey G. Avatar
Joey G.
7/25/2022 – Google
My wife and I recently purchased an older home with a lot of single pane… read more
Lesley D. Avatar
Lesley D.
2/16/2019 – Google
These ladies are the best! I needed my mother-in-law’s china hutch glass replacement that was… read more
Diane K. Avatar
Diane K.
5 star rating
1/21/2022 – Yelp
I have several Milgard windows and a sliding door, purchased through Dixieline, and installed by… read more
Michael S. Avatar
Michael S.
5 star rating
11/16/2011 – Yelp
Glenview Glass performed repairs on my glass sliding door for a very reasonable price. It… read more
Philip D. Avatar
Philip D.
8/25/2021 – Google
Glenview Glass is a top notch Door and window installation contractor. They do wonderful work… read more
Mark C. Avatar
Mark C.
5 star rating
12/28/2021 – Yelp
So in the middles of a catastrophic bathroom water leak remodel a big picture window… read more

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