San Diego Custom Closet Doors and Mirrors

Mirror, mirror on the wall… Since the beginning of time, people have always wanted a reflection upon which they can see themselves. A perfect place to install a mirror is on the closet door. This way, you can see yourself as soon as you are dressed. Adjustments to your appearance can be made before you leave your bedroom. At Glenview Glass & Screen Inc., we carry a selection of San Diego Custom Closet Doors and Mirrors.

Sliding mirror doors are a popular option for today’s homes. Sliding doors are space efficient because they do not swing out and they can be quite large, sometimes taking the entire space from floor to ceiling. There are numerous options when considering a mirrored wardrobe door: the mirror can be beveled or have decorative inserts, and the frame can be made of different materials and have different finishes. We can custom design your closet door and mirror to make it your own.

No matter which options you choose, it’s important that your mirrored door is made well so it will survive everyday use and endure the test of time. Rolling doors are heavy so it’s important that they are installed properly on quality tracks to give a smooth roll. As well, you want the mirror to be of good quality so it reflects a clear and smooth image without imperfections. Glenview Glass & Screen Inc. is proud to partner up with Contractors Wardrobe, a leader in the doors and mirror industry. Please contact us to start your San Diego custom closet doors and mirrors installation: (619) 390-7433.

Bi-fold Accordion Door
3-Panel, Large Format
3-Way Vanity

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