San Diego Pet Door Installations

Letting your pet in-and-out throughout the day can be tiresome. Solve this problem by calling a San Diego Pet door installer like Glenview Glass & Screen Inc. Glenview has a new and innovative strategy in creating pet doors. The Patio Pet Door Conversion System allows you to create a pet door in existing vinyl patio doors and windows without having to punch holes in your door or wall. In addition to being less destructive, this pet door system has better insulation compared to other systems available on the market.

Patio Pet Door Conversion System

Glenview Glass & Screen can convert your sliding door to an “in-the-glass” pet door. The process involves replacing the glass in your glass door with a new piece of glass that has a pet door opening at the bottom. This pre-built system is super easy to install and causes almost no harm to your walls and doors.

How to Measure for Your Pet Door

Step 1: Determine Flap Width
Measure the width of your dog across its widest part. Add one inch or more on each side for clearance. This measurement (dog plus clearance on both sides) is the minimum Flap Width.

Step 2: Determine Flap Height
The Flap Height is determined by measuring the distance from the floor to your pet’s shoulder. This is the minimal Flap Height needed for your pet door.

Step 3: Determine Door Size
We have four ready to install doors. Choose the “In-the-Glass” pet door that will allow your pet to enter & exit comfortably. The door should be at LEAST as wide and tall as you measured in the above steps. When in doubt, slightly larger is better than too small.

Step 4: Determine Directions
Step outside of your house and look towards the sliding glass patio doors. Which half of the door opens? The left half or the right half? The pet door will be installed on the side which opens and closes.

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