San Diego Custom Sliding Door Installation

Sliding doors like those leading to a patio or backyard are desirable because they allow more natural light to enter a room. The ability to see outside makes the room feel bigger and more open. The standard height for sliding glass doors is 80 inches and the width can vary from 60 inches to 72 inches depending on the width of your wall. Thus, sliding doors can really make a dramatic impact on the appearance and feel of your home. Glenview Glass & Screen Inc. offers San Diego Custom Sliding Door Installation Services. Give us a call, or visit us at our showroom to see our selection of custom sliding doors.

Whether you are replacing an aging sliding door or adding a new sliding door, we can help. Glenview Glass & Screen Inc. has 28 years experience in the industry and during this time, we have installed more sliding doors than you can imagine. Our family-owned establishment is committed to the community and to customer satisfaction. Our technicians are knowledgeable, experienced and take pride in excellent craftsmanship.


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